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A Century of Excellence
Page Updated: August 17, 2013
A Brief History of NLSD by the Decade in Words and Photos
Thanks to Mr. Larry A. Williams who compiled and designed the original pages that were used to create this website. Also, special thanks to the following individuals who contributed facts, information and photos for the original pages: Ms. Irene Paules, Ms. Muriel Williams, Ms. Evelyn Morgan, Mrs. Marion Anewalt, Ms. Martha Best, Dr. Edward Torbey, and Mr. Edgar Yehl.

A Century of Excellence:

1900 - 1910

1911 - 1920

1921 - 1930

1931 - 1940

1941 - 1950

1951 - 1960

1961 - 1970

1971 - 1980

1981 - 1990

1991 - 2000