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External Links
Page Updated: April 16, 2019
The following are links to external websites and organizations that are affiliated with or provide help and support to the Northern Lehigh School District.
The following agencies are used for counseling within the Northern Lehigh School District. For assistance, parents can contact the school counselor.

CHC is a private, not-for-profit agency providing prevention education (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs) and life skills training focusing on decision making for healthy choices. For over 30 years, CHC has developed and delivered high quality educational programming throughout the Lehigh Valley and has been dedicated to the philosophy that people learn best by doing.

The philosophy of MARS-ATP is that addiction is a disease. As a result MARS-ATP will seek to provide client-centered, community based quality treatment services to those suffering from addictions in the least restrictive and most-cost effective level of care.

Since 1995, the mental health specialists at Nulton Diagnostic and Treatment Center have provided effective, compassionate behavioral health care to children, adolescents and adults. Their team includes board-certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists and other professionals specially trained to diagnose, treat and manage behavioral health conditions.