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Superintendent Search
Page Updated: June 05, 2017
Northern Lehigh School District - Superintendent Search
Posting Date: May 31, 2017
"The mission of the Northern Lehigh School District community is to create a challenging and supportive environment dedicated to meeting the diverse educational needs of all learners."
The search for the next superintendent of Northern Lehigh is off and running!  The job posting is continuing to be distributed through a series of channels, and we are preparing to engage the various stakeholder groups (to include the community) in focus group discussions and surveys!  We believe it is very important that we have a thorough understanding of the views of the community as we continue to move through this process in the coming weeks.  Therefore, we’d ask that you be visiting this section of the website for more details in the very near future!
The Northern Lehigh School District is searching for a new superintendent.  Serving students and families in the boroughs of Slatington and Walnutport; as well as Washington Township – and educating students in five buildings --  the Board of School Directors is looking for a dynamic leader with a diversity of experiences and the ability to…
  • Continue to develop a cohesive leadership team;
  • Work collaboratively and transparently with a board of school directors to develop an effective partnership;
  • Execute a shared set of clear, strategic goals and organization wide procedures for execution;
  • Understand school budgeting and how to actively engage the board and administration in developing a thorough understanding of district finances;
  • Understand how to utilize and leverage technology to drive effective district communication, instruction and operations;
  • Display excellent oral, written and interpersonal abilities in order to effectively engage all district stakeholders;
  • Systematically build the leadership capacity and workplace skills of all staff;
  • Commit and embed oneself into the fabric of the Northern Lehigh school community;
  • Meet the challenges and competing demands of 21st century public education
Central Office experience is required.  Candidates who email their cover letter and resume to Mr. Templeton to start the process will receive instructions for submitting an application and other documentation.  The deadline to be assured consideration is June 16.  Contact info:  (717) 636-3238, or by email at  Documents that will need to be submitted include:
  • Application
  • PA letter of eligibility /proof of qualifications to serve as superintendent
  • Act 24 clearance; current Act 34/Act 151 clearances/FBI clearance (within 1 year).
  • Sealed university transcripts
  • Other instructions will follow for interested candidates
Once the Board has had the opportunity to survey the staff and community, the Board will be analyzing that information as we move to the selection of candidates for interview.
In our vision of the Northern Lehigh School District, parents, school, and community will work together to achieve quality education goals and remain accountable to all learners. As we instill a love of learning as a lifelong pursuit for each individual, we will strive for a renewed sense of community pride and involvement.  Education will take place in a safe environment where learning is fun. State-of-the-art technology and a broadened curriculum will provide a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities. We will encourage success for each learner by providing a system of alternative strategies for instruction and assessment. Our learners will have:
  • Creative, critical thinking skills necessary to be successful in our competitive global world.
  • Self-esteem, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility that enables them to meet challenges, be team players and respect others’ differences.
  • Communication, technical and life skills to gather information, solve problems and be adaptable.
  • An awareness of physical and mental health, a developed appreciation for nature, the fine arts.
  • A vision for success.
Thank you for visiting!

- The Northern Lehigh Board of School Directors