Principal of Northern Lehigh High School

Mr. Robert Vlasaty

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Mr. Robert Vlasaty

  • Our mission is to create a challenging and supportive environment dedicated to the success of our learning community.  We plan to accomplish this by equipping our students with career ready essential skills while motivating them to set goals, lead by example, network with positive mentors, persevere through challenges, participate in effective teams, and demonstrate mental agility.

    We have synthesized a rigorous curriculum, meaningful instruction, and student supports with the College/Career for Every Student (CFES) Brilliant Pathways Essential Skills.  These essential skills are Goal Setting, Teamwork, Leadership, Agility, Perseverance, and Networking.  Through this approach we strive to meet the needs of each individual student and create unique learning opportunities.

    Our focus this year will be improving our school climate by recognizing and working with trauma-based behavior, using data to produce and reinforce our instruction/curriculum and improving engagement strategies.

    We look forward to seeing you at Northern Lehigh High School! Have a BULLDOG Day!