Oct. 16, 2020: Peters Elementary Picks Pumpkins!

Miss Perkowski's Life Skills classroom at Peters Elementary was unable to take their annual field trip to the pumpkin patch, so paraprofessional Ms. DeSousa brought the pumpkins to them!

Here is the backstory in Miss Perkowski's own words:

"Spreading a little cheer in this crazy thing we call life. Usually we get to go to the pumpkin patch on an annual CBI trip, but COVID happened. We brought the pumpkins to Peters! Ms. DeSousa, one of the fantastic paraprofessionals in Room 121, took pumpkin seeds home from the pumpkin we carved last year. She planted them and from those seeds about 20 pumpkins grew at her house! She brought them to school and we "picked" them today! We also decorated some and learned about the parts of a pumpkin. Just wanted to share with you all!"