• Peters Elementary School Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP)


    At Peters Elementary School, we have an active Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP), which provides supportive and confidential services to children and their families to meet their needs. We have a referral process in place that allows for staff members to refer a student for this service. 

    The ESAP team is made up of the principal, school counselor, teachers, and a liaison from our district partner: Center for Humanistic Change. 

    If you have concerns about issues which may impede your child’s academic success, or have questions related to our ESAP program, please contact Mr. Schnyderite, Principal, or Mrs. Kromer, School Counselor, to discuss.

    James Schnyderite: JSchnyderite@nlsd.org

    Kelly Kromer: KKromer@nlsd.org