Motto & Mission Statement

  •  Living, learning, and leading to make every story better.

    The mission of the Northern Lehigh School District is to provide a safe school climate where everyone is valued, respected, and included. 

    Our community promotes a collaborative and supportive learning culture that meets students at their level and challenges all to learn and grow. We prepare and motivate our students for their future endeavors  teaching them essential skills, civic responsibility, and an appreciation for life-long learning. We encourage pride in ourselves, schools, and community.

    We strive for excellence in all we do.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is that every one of us embraces our dual role as teachers and learners.

    It is our vision that we find the courage and empathy to hold each other accountable and ensure that the impact of our actions is shared and heard.

    It is our vision that we cultivate shared trust through words and actions. While not insulated from the effects of the world around us, and absolutely determined to impact it, we do not accept disrespect, nor contempt as a norm. By eliminating these distractions, we can face the challenges and help each member of this community live, learn, and lead. 

    We envision a community with countless untold stories that seeks to understand and support each other under the core commitments.

Our Commitments:

  • As teachers and learners, we commit to share in the following:

    With support and continuous feedback, every learner will find success.

    By using sound information and a consistent process we will continuously improve.

    Acknowledging that each learner’s story starts before they come to school and continues after the leave, we will make the most of the time we have together to help each other become stronger for the next chapter.

    We will help each learner gain the tools necessary to achieve their vision and make a masterpiece of their life.

    We strive to become a fearless organization, in which openness is encouraged, trust is built, and shame is diminished, paving the way for honesty and transparency.

    We aim to make the spaces where learning happens safe, functional, and beautiful, elevating opportunities for learners to interact and engage over “group worthy” problems each day.

    We will not merely accept but embrace and value the diverse population we serve, recognizing that diversity creates the kind of perfect friction that makes us both sharper and more polished.

    We will use data to make decisions while never forgetting that the numbers are all attached to people, and that there is deeper meaning found in connecting the two.

    We will be bold and courageous. We honor failure as a necessary part of the learning process.

    We will be consistent in these values for all learners, supporting them in achieving their goals and maximizing the time they spend learning,  respecting where they are in their learning.

    We will choose the right tool for the job and measure twice and cut once out of respect for the value of our skills and their power to maximize the resources we have.

    We will do all of this by design, each responsible for their part, to shape each other’s individual stories while also taking deep pride in the story we write together.