Pricing & Payment

  • Meal Elementary Schools Secondary Schools Reduced Pricing
    Breakfast $1.60 $2.10 $0.30
    Lunch $2.80 $3.10 $0.40

Student Payment Accounts

    1. Students should place money envelopes for deposit in locked black boxes in the cafeteria.

    2. Cash, check or Money Order made payable to "NLSD Food Services" should be placed in an envelope clearly marked with student name and pin number.

    3. Students will not be told when they have a low or negative account balance. If you are not sure of your child's account balance, please call the Food Service Department.

    4. Money left in accounts in June will be carried over to the next school year.

    5. Due to Federal Regulations, we are no longer able to tell your child when they owe money to their account. Please keep track of your child's purchases so their account does not go into the negative. If you need to know their balance, please contact the Director of Food Services. Thank you.

Free & Reduced Meals

    • If you feel your child is eligible to receive free or reduced meals in our district, please complete and submit the online form. This can be done any time of the year, or if your financial status changes.

    • If your child has free meal status, they are eligible for free breakfast as well as free lunch.

    • If your child has reduced meal status, breakfast is $.30 and lunch is $.40. Please make sure there is an adequate balance in their lunch account to cover these costs.