Transcript Requests

  • What is a transcript?

    A transcript is your academic record from high school. Your NL transcript includes:

    • The courses you’ve taken each year in high school, including those currently in progress
    • Your final grade from each course
    • The number of credits you earned each semester and cumulatively
    • The GPA you’ve earned in each semester and cumulatively
    • Your class rank
    • The number of absences and tardies each year
    • Extracurricular activities you participated in during each year in high school
    • Any academic awards won

    Places you could request to have your transcript sent to:

    • Any post-secondary school or college
    • Scholarships
    • Any branch of the military
    • The NCAA
    • Yourself
    • An employer

    ** Keep in mind that your academic transcript starts in 9th grade and follows you through your high school years, it's a official document that gets sent to any of the places mentioned above.

    How To Request Your High School Transcript

    1. Request a copy of your Transcript: You will need to complete the Transcript Release Form and in section (C) put your name and address where you would like your transcript sent. This will be an unofficial transcript.

    2. Requesting an Official Transcript: To request an official transcript to be sent to a destination complete the Transcript Release Form and in section (C) put the name and address (or email) of the recipient.

    To request a copy of your transcript for Dual Enrollment Classes, please follow the following links: