Student Assistance Program (SAP)

  • The Northern Lehigh Student Assistance Program is aimed at identifying and helping students who may be struggling with problems or issues that impede their academic success. The SAP team is comprised of guidance counselors, school administrators, school nurse, and teachers. Students can be referred to the SAP team by any school personnel, peers, parents, or self. Some of the services available to students can include: mentoring; mental health group counseling by Valley Youth House, Crime Victims Council, and the Center for Humanistic Change; Behavioral Health Assessment conducted by the Adolescent Central Intake Unit. Thus far this year, the SAP team has assisted over 50 students.

    If you feel your child may need assistance, please call:

    High School Guidance Office: 610-767-9837

    Middle School Guidance Office: 610-767-9812

    Slatington Elementary Guidance Office: 610-767-9823

    Peters Elementary Guidance Office: 610-767-9825

    What is SAP?

    The Student Assistance Programs (SAP) in Pennsylvania help schools identify students who are experiencing behavior and/or academic difficulties, which pose a barrier to their learning and success in school. SAP offers support to those students and their families.

    The core of the student assistance program is a team of school employees who have received specialized certificates from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Approved SAP Training Providers. This team may include teachers, nurses, counselors and administrators, and is often called the "core team" or the "SAP team." Representatives from community agencies might also meet with the team as consultants.

    One of the most important tasks of a student assistance team is to build a working partnership with families, focusing on the student's success as their common goal. In addition, the team may offer student-centered services such as educational support groups, in-school mentoring and aftercare resources. The team may also assist families in identifying options for professional support when the problem is beyond the scope of the school. Participation in the student assistance program is voluntary and is offered as a source of help and support for the student and family. When a student needs assistance outside of the school setting, knowing how and where to find that assistance can be overwhelming. In cases where the problem lies beyond the limits of the school, it is the team's responsibility to inform the parent of the problem affecting the child's performance in school and help the student and their family access services and resources within their community.

    SAP Team Members:

    All team members have been trained and are certified to serve as members of this SAP team.

    • Michele Dotta - Director of Special Education Services
    • Eugene Marks - School Psychologist
    • Sidney Snyder - School Psychologist
    • David Hauser - Middle School Principal
    • Allison Chruscial - High School Guidance Counselor
    • Raquel Hoffert - High School Guidance Counselor
    • Melissa DeSocio - High School Nurse
    • Stephen Shuey - High School Art Teacher
    • Linda Brown - Middle School Guidance Counselor
    • Dawn Tulio - Middle School Health Office
    • Kim Filipovits - Middle School English Teacher
    • Marty Baddick - Children & Youth