Concert Band

  • Advisor: Mr. David Carroll  |

    Mission Statement:

    Our Primary goal in music education is to develop the student's aesthetic awareness and to cultivate the tools for the creation and understanding of music, while nurturing a life long love of the art.


    Music is an art that can be nurtured for a lifetime, and is correlated and interrelated with the entire school curriculum. Music appeals to the aesthetic, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and physical nature of the child, and is adaptable to every age and interest level and to every degree of mental and physical development. Music expresses the finest thoughts and aspirations of mankind. It is a cultural force in elevating the quality of the home, the school, and the community. Music has the power to create and reflect culture, and has a large impact on our daily lives. It is an avenue for self-expression, imagination, and creativity.

    Through the study of music, we gain an appreciation for people, cultures, and the past as well as the present. Experiencing music teaches us to respect other's ways of thinking, working, and expressing ideas. It is necessary, therefore that school affords children an opportunity to understand, interpret, appreciate, and make good music.


    The Middle School Concert Band Class is designed for all middle school students who have a love for playing band music and wish to develop and advance their applied instrumental arts skills and knowledge. Students will study and perform quality band repertoire from various cultures and major styles in music literature. The applied arts educational process will occur in a variety of settings, including the full-ensemble classroom setting, small ensemble settings, after-school rehearsals, public performances, and individual instruction.

    Instrumental music is an activity that can be nurtured for a lifetime. In the Middle School Concert Band Class the student will continue to develop their musicianship and instrument skills. They will also continue to develop their music reading skills.

    A letter grade is given each marking period. A total of .5 credit is given for this elective if the student passes and participates for all four marking periods. As needed, the concert band will meet after school in order to prepare for concerts.