National Junior Honor Society

  • Advisor: Mrs. Blasia Dunham  |

    Advisor: Mr. Jason Graver  |

    National Junior Honor Society activity is a co-curricular activity which seeks a school's top students based on academic achievement, service, leadership, citizenship, and character. Students who are selected for membership within NJHS participate in various group and individual service projects which benefit people locally, nationally, and internationally. Membership is often a good indicator of a student's future achievements and accomplishments.

    This year's eighth grade candidates are currently working on our group project. Candidates are hosting a "Senior Prom" for their grandparents and senior citizens in the community. The evening activities for the prom are planned and the dinner is made by the honor society candidates.

    Eighth grade candidates are also completing their Individual Service Projects in order to obtain full membership within the Society. Each candidate is volunteering 10 hours of his or her time to local organizations such as the public library, retirement homes, schools, and churches.

    We also raised money this year by selling pumpkin rolls which we will be making ourselves.

    Seventh grade Honor Society Candidates will be selected at the end of the fourth marking period. Students who have attained at least a 90% average, and participate in two after-school activities, will be notified that they are eligible to apply. A 5 member Faculty Council will select the highest achieving students for candidacy.