Mission Statement

  • On February 5, 1996, the Mission Statement, Vision and Beliefs of the Northern Lehigh School District were presented to the Board of Education.

    "The mission of the Northern Lehigh School District community is to create a challenging and supportive environment dedicated to meeting the diverse educational needs of all learners."

Our Beliefs

  • We believe:

    1. All students can learn and succeed.

    2. Positive attitude and self-esteem enhance the learning process.

    3. Learning is a lifelong process.

    4. Education has the responsibility to meet each learner's needs.

    5. The educational system has a role as a support center for student and community social services.

    6. Student achievement and motivation are enhanced by a quality learning environment.

    7. Multicultural awareness is an integral part of a student's education.

    8. The community and education systems are interdependent.

    9. Ongoing staff development is essential to quality learning.

    10. Communications skills are essential to success.

Our Vision

  • In our vision of the Northern Lehigh School District, parents, school, and community will work together to achieve quality education goals and remain accountable to all learners. As we instill a love of learning as a lifelong pursuit for each individual, we will strive for a renewed sense of community pride and involvement.

    Education will take place in a safe environment where learning is fun.

    State-of-the-art technology and a broadened curriculum will provide a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities. We will encourage success for each learner by providing a system of alternative strategies for instruction and assessment.

    Our learners will have:

    • Creative, critical thinking skills necessary to be successful in our competitive global world.

    • Self-esteem, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility that enables them to meet challenges, be team players and respect others’ differences.

    • Communication, technical and life skills to gather information, solve problems and be adaptable.

    • An awareness of physical and mental health, a developed appreciation for nature, the fine arts.

    • A vision for success.