Pricing & Policies

  • Bulldog Stadium

    Below are ticket prices for Athletic Events held on the Northern Lehigh School District campus.

    Admission is charged at all events held in Bulldog stadium.

    Event Adult Students K-12/Sr. Citizen
    Varsity Events (6:00 p.m. or later) $5.00 each $3.00 each
    JV/JH/MS Football $3.00 each $2.00 each
    Varsity Events (Prior to 6:00 p.m.) $3.00 each $2.00 each
    Middle School Events $2.00 each $1.00 each

    Student Attendance at Bulldog Stadium

    Football Games Students leaving the stadium WITHOUT A PARENT will not be given a hand stamp and will not be permitted to return. Students will not be permitted into the stadium free of charge after half-time.

    Pets at Bulldog Stadium

    Pets are not permitted in the Stadium.