Lightning Safety System

  • Lightning SystemBulldog Stadium is now equipped with an EarthNetworks® Sferic Siren Alerting System.

    When lightning and severe storms come near your location, the system will sound a loud horn and activate a flashing strobe light, indicating it is unsafe to be outdoors.

    The Earth Networks Total Lightning Network monitors the skies for both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes (aka "total lightning"). When lightning is detected, this global network of lightning sensors automatically issues severe weather alerts to impacted areas - up to 50% faster than other sources.

    Please note, this facility may have "silence times" enabled during nighttime or other hours when the facility is closed. During these time frames, the Sferic Siren will not activate when lightning is detected.

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What the Sounds and Strobe Light Mean

    One Long 15-Second Horn Blast Strobe Flashing Three Short 5-Second Horn Blasts
    What It Means: What It Means: What It Means:
    Lightning has been detected – Take shelter immediately! Facility is under alert – It is unsafe to be outdoors. All Clear – It is now safe to resume outdoor activities.


    • The Outdoors
    • Open Areas
    • Water
    • Tall Trees
    • Metal Fences
    • Elevated Ground
    • Golf Carts
    • Mowers
    • Overhead Wires & Power Lines


    • Enclosed & Grounded Building
    • Enclosed Automobile/Truck
    • Approved Lightning Shelter

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