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    Welcome to another exciting year of FULL COLOR, SPRING DELIVERY, and a SPRING SUPPLEMENT! The High School Yearbook Team worked hard last year to transition to a new format, and was well received by the school and community.

    The Reflections Yearbook Team meets every day to design and develop exciting pages, or gather/take photos that reflect all students during the given school year! In 2013, the Yearbook will be a separate Homeroom, but you do not have to be in the Homeroom to be on the Team! Students receive on-going training or simple tricks in creating dynamic photos, page layouts that have eye-catching appeal, and enlightening articles. Using an easy, computer format provided by Jostens Publishing Company, our Team of dedicated students create pages in a snap! After learning a few simple tricks on the site, students can continue their work from home, or in study halls. In this manner, students can still be members of other clubs or sports. Students also learn the financial and business aspect of producing a yearbook, participate in fundraisers to lower the cost of the publication, and become a novice at photography and the Graphic Arts, if they choose.

    The Spring delivery book means we are finished with developing the book in March, and await the arrival in June. Graduates and Underclassmen enjoy this feature as it provides opportunities to share laughs, collect autographs, and reflect together on the year’s happenings. In May, we get together again to design the Supplement that includes the Junior Prom, Senior Farewell, Graduation, and “End of the Year” Wrap up. The Supplement is mailed home to all customers who opt to include this extension in their home edition.

    Each year, we continue to strive to produce a yearbook that touches the life as a “Northern Lehigh Bulldog”, and we look forward to continuing that tradition.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    When and Where can I purchase a Yearbook and Supplement?

    Yearbook sales will begin in late November. In January, we need to place our final order based on actual sales plus a few extras, and production begins. After this date, only the few “extras” are available for purchase. It is best to order during the sale dates, to make sure you have a yearbook and Extended Edition/Supplement. Simply go to, then click on the icon, or go to then click on Yearbooks located at the top. Credit card or checks can be used for payments.

    Where can I buy a Current or Past Yearbook?

    Send an Email to, or call the High School at 610-767-9832, and leave a message. We will get back to you soon!

    Can I still get a Supplement?

    Yes, simply send an Email to, or call the High School at 610-767-9832, and leave a message. We will get back to you soon!

    Can I make payments on a Yearbook?

    Yes, send an Email to, or call the High School at 610-767-9832, and leave a message. Jostens Publishing Company also accepts payments. Go to and click on Yearbooks, located at the top.

    Why do the books cost so much?

    Generally, the cost of the Yearbook is based on negotiating a production cost based on a comparison of several companies for 210 copies of a Spring delivery, full color, 152 page book with a hardcover color cover, and a color supplement. Fundraising offsets the cost of the publications. A planned budget is developed each year outlining costs to aid in establishing the selling price.

    Do I have to have my Senior Portrait taken by Lifetouch?

    Yes. There is no need to schedule an appointment and drive to a photographer! NLHS brings the photographer to our High school for you! You need to have your Free Senior portrait taken by Lifetouch Photography here at NLHS to appear in the Yearbook. Lifetouch provides your cap and gown, drape, and a shirt/tie to use, even if you forget yours! The photos are touched-up for free, and can be reviewed on the spot, or on-line with your Folks. Appointment cards are mailed to you. If you would like to purchase them, or have other photos taken with different clothes, scenery or props, Lifetouch will be happy to that, too! They want you to be happy with our photo, and so do we! Lifetouch offers several packages, and can work with your needs. Your Senior portrait is taken in Ma of your Junior year, with RETAKES taken in September of our Senior Year. New hairstyle or new to the District? Join us on Re-Take Day, and see Ms. Mattiola.

    Also, we negotiated a low $10 sitting fee. Sitting fees from other Studios can vary from $20 to $40. If you need help paying the sitting fee, see Ms. Mattiola.

    When can I join the Yearbook Team?

    Anytime! If you are free to join in the fun, dedicated to meet the goals of the Yearbook, and want to have some fun, just see Ms. Mattiola!