Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Tania Stoker
  • Dr. Tania Stoker
    Assistant Superintendent

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Dr. Tania Stoker

  • Hello. My name is Dr. Tania Stoker and I am the Assistant Superintendent. My background as a classroom educator, building leader, and district curriculum supervisor has prepared me to be the Assistant Superintendent in the Northern Lehigh School District. I’m delighted to work for a district that prides itself on having innovative programs and supportive services, a comprehensive, rigorous and diverse curriculum, and high expectations and standards for student learning, achievement, and growth. I enjoy working with our devoted, supportive and collaborative school board, dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic educators, and the families and community members who are actively involved in our schools to make Northern Lehigh School District the best it can be for our students.

  • About the Northern Lehigh School District:

    The Northern Lehigh School District is a vibrant community always searching for ways to improve our educational environment. To pursue our goal of excellence in the district, we will continue to emphasize these areas:

    1. High achievement in basic academic skills
    2. Curriculum alignment and enhancements
    3. Positive school climate
    4. School safety and security
    5. Instructional leadership
    6. Family engagement
    7. Staff development

    Advances in Technology:

    In the Northern Lehigh School District, technology is a tool that helps to bring quality, meaningful education to its students. The current technology allows our teachers to orchestrate student learning through multiple instructional strategies which includes online research, multimedia presentations, small group projects, and direct instruction. Projectors and interactive whiteboards are throughout the Northern Lehigh School district schools. We are committed to optimizing the use of technology in all learning activities. The projector and interactive whiteboards are a learning tool for more student-centric, relevant, and rigorous learning.

    Through the use various devices, our teachers and students are able to access a broad based curriculum, where all learning leads to the application of cross curricular projects, which allow students to apply skills and knowledge in unique and creative ways. This process enables the students to accumulate vast amounts of knowledge, connected to a contextual framework, yet goes beyond the confines of a textbook approach to learning.

    During the 2018-2019 school year, Northern Lehigh Middle School implemented a 1:1 Chromebook initiative and for the 2019-2020 school year, Northern Lehigh High School will do the same with laptops for every student.

    Cyber School:

    The Northern Lehigh Bulldog Academy is our cyber school option that is available for full time K-12 Northern Lehigh students. Students enrolled in the Northern Lehigh Bulldog Academy have full access to the Northern Lehigh School District school functions and events. The high quality curriculum and innovative software platform allow for customized learning. The Northern Lehigh Bulldog Academy gives parents the tools they need to support, motivate, and monitor their student’s progress through a special homepage called the Parent Portal.

    As we continue to work together, our school district is a community where people offer strength and support to each other. It is a community that offers personal growth to everyone.