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Mrs. Sherri Molitoris
  • Mrs. Sherri Molitoris
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Mrs. Rhonda Frantz
  • Mrs. Rhonda Frantz
    Co-Director of Business Affairs

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Directors of Business Affairs

  • Welcome to another year at Northern Lehigh. It is hard to believe that we are halfway through the summer and teachers and students will be returning in a very short period of time. Boy how time flies! For the business office there is never a slow time and this summer is no exception. The business office is busy purchasing various supplies for the upcoming school year, in addition to various supply items for grant funded new district initiatives.

    The business office is currently seeking an Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper II. For information on this position, and all available open positions within the district, please click on the employment tab on the right.

    As a reminder to all district residents, all school district real estate taxes were mailed to homeowners on July 1st and are due by December 31, 2021. Taxes received by August 31st will receive a discounted rate of 2% whereas all taxes received after October 31st will be assessed a 10% penalty fee. Additionally, per capita tax bills were mailed to all residents of Northern Lehigh on July 1st as well with the same due dates as stated above for the real estate tax bills. As a reminder, if your real estate taxes are held in escrow with your mortgage company, per capita taxes are not part of those escrowed taxes and therefore will not be paid by your mortgage company. If you have any questions about your real estate or per capita taxes, you may contact our office for assistance.

    As we embark on another school year, we would like to wish all staff and students another successful year at Northern Lehigh.

    Rhonda Frantz & Sherri Molitoris
    Directors of Business Affairs

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