Assistant Superintendent - Grant Awards

  • 18-19/19-20 PA SMART Targeted Computer Science and STEM Education Grant ($35,000)

    This grant was written for us to train 6 members of our faculty to incorporate the Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) standards and principles into their curriculum and complete certification exams, where appropriate. The second phase provides funds to purchase hardware, products, and training to implement computer science education in the classroom.

    18-19 Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency – Part A ($25,000)

    This grant allowed NLSD to hire an additional part-time School Police Officer (SPO) and purchase more 2-way radios for communication amongst safety personnel and administrators.

    18-19 PDE Safe Schools Targeted Grant – Program ($20,000)

    This grant enabled us to have a comprehensive vulnerability study of our schools conducted, update our multi-hazards plan, and proactively train employees in safety techniques and emergency procedures.

    19-20 PDE Safe Schools Targeted Grant – Equipment ($25,000)

    With these grant funds we will be purchasing and installing a visitor management system to screen, register, identify and keep track of visitors in our buildings and a panic button system that could be used to contact 911 in the event of an emergency.

    19-20 Teacher in the Workplace Targeted Grant ($25,000)

    This grant program helps connect educators with local business leaders and employers, bridging the gap between the classroom and industry. We will be using the funds associated with this grant for teachers to visit workplaces in the Lehigh Valley, student field trips to local businesses, MS Career Caravan, HS Career Fair and the creation of a database of employer information for teachers to use in their classrooms and students to use in creating and implementing their career portfolios.

    19-20 Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency – Meritorious Grant ($35,000)

    This grant allows NLSD to expand the part-time School Police Officer (SPO), hired through the 18-19 PCCD - Part A Grant, to a full-time position.

    19-20 Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency – Competitive Grant ($330,679)

    This grant allows NLSD to make several safety and security upgrades, increase emergency preparedness efforts, offer additional faculty training to support students in a variety of areas, and provide additional equipment and training/certification for our SPOs.

    Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees - Lehigh Chapter (PASR/LC) Educational Support Grant ($1,000)

    The monies from this grant will be used to implement the College for Every Student (CFES) program, as well as, support other college and career readiness activities like visits to local colleges and universities, Career Fair, Q&A Panels, and CFES meetings and events for students in our high school.

    19-20 PDE Continuity of Education Equity Grant ($5000)

    The monies from this grant will be used to purchase devices that allow students who are experiencing connectivity issues in their homes the ability to connect to the internet and participate in our Continuity of Education (COE) Plan.

    19-20 Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Grant ($329,372)

    Monies from this grant will be used to purchase additional electronic devices, cases and licenses, classroom management software, remote learning setups for classrooms, and additional costs incurred for Bulldog Academy. All of these purchases will support the implementation of our Continuity of Education Plan, in a hybrid environment, so that our faculty, staff and students can fully participate.

    20-21 Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) COVID Grant ($182,692)

    Monies from this grant were prioritized for supplies that create and maintain a safe environment for staff, students, and visitors within our facilities. Specifically, we will purchase the following types of supplies: signage conveying safety information and traffic flow patterns, devices to screen temperature, chemicals and sanitization equipment, safety devices for those who can't socially distance or are in high traffic areas, items for the safe handling and delivery of food, and PPE gear.


    ESSER Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act ($324,575)

    NLSD used the funds associated with this grant to purchase educational technology to support students and teachers in any of the environments in which we may educate students during the pandemic (in-person, hybrid, virtual) so that our faculty, staff, and students can fully participate. Specifically, we purchased hotspots, devices to live stream and subscriptions to various educational platforms. We also purchased items to promote social distancing, sanitization and keeping stakeholders safe in our facilities. We also conducted a HVAC upgrade to install bi-polar ionization systems in our school buildings.

    ESSER Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act ($1,463,002)

    Monies associated with this grant have/are being used to purchase educational materials that will allow teachers to teach (e.g. Elmo) and test (e.g. additional calculators) in a socially distanced manner/remotely, technology (e.g. Chromebook charging stations, power cords, hot spots, wireless projectors), supplies to socially distance/sanitize/be hands free (e.g. Halo machines, plexiglass, Hometown ticketing), cafeteria supplies, and expenses related to the high school prom, vaccine clinic and teacher appreciation. These grant funds must be spent by September 30, 2023. (More information to come about this grant.)

    ESSER American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act ($2,950,778)

    Of the total monies we received for this grant, 20% or $590,156 must be used to address "learning loss" These grant funds must be spent by September 30, 2024. Please refer to the link below for more detail.

    ESSER American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act - Part B ($229,342)

    Of the total monies we receive for this grant $163,816 must be set aside for learning loss. Of those monies, $49,145 must be spent on student social, emotional, mental health support, $16,382 must be spent on staff social, emotional, mental health support and $13,105 must be spent on reading support and improvement. There is also a $32,762 set aside for afterschool programs and a $32,763 set aside for summer enrichment. Please refer to the links below for more detail.

    ESSER Grant Spending Updates:

    22-23/23-24 PCCD School Mental Health ($124,566) & Safety and Security ($124,566) Grants:

    NLSD will utilize these grant funds to enhance physical security, behavioral health, and school climate to create a safer, more secure learning environment, prioritizing Tier I then Tier II/III baseline criteria in the areas of physical security and mental health. Specifically, we are looking to fund the following: Physical assessment of district and surrounding community by qualified consultant, as well as, other safety and security work, fencing around play areas, interior door upgrades, exterior door upgrades/alarms, detection devices that respond to physical stimulus, hiring of additional full-time SPO and contracted social worker, and professional development for professional, support and auxiliary staff.

    22-23 PDE Safe Schools Targeted Grant – School Police Officer (SPO) ($75,000)

    The majority of funds associated with this grant will be used to pay the salary and benefits of a SPO at NLSD. A maximum of 5% of the total award amount may also be used for equipment. We plan to use up to $3,500 as uniform/equipment allowance for our SPO.

    23-24/24-25 PCCD School Safety and Security Program Grant ($35,000)

    The funds associated with this grant will be used to continue to pay the partial salary and benefits of SPO in our school police department.

    23-24/24-25 PCCD School Mental Health Grant ($119,849)

    The funds associated with this grant will be used to continue to pay to contract with a social worker for students in all of our schools, as well as, supplemental school psychologist services.

    24-26 PCCD Competitive School Safety Grant ($442,800)

    The funds associated with this grant will be used to upgrade our safety and security measures and mental health programming, as well as, provide a continuation of grant funded services in these areas. Specifically, these monies will be used to fund SPOs, social worker, triennial vulnerability assessment, cameras, visitor entrance upgrades, KinderQuest, platforms and trainings.