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Mr. Matthew J. Link
  • Mr. Matthew J. Link
    Superintendent of Schools

    Phone: 610-767-9800 - Option 2

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Mr. Matthew J. Link

  • Dear Northern Lehigh Families,

    Welcome to Northern Lehigh School District and the 2021-2002 school year!  We are very happy you can join us.  It feels great to have our students and your children back in our schools five-days a week!  Our goal is to remain open each school day, and we are confident that with everyone’s cooperation we can do so.  Several of our team members, including support staff, teachers, and administrators, retired last year and we wish each of them much happiness and health as they begin the next chapter of their lives.  We also welcomed the largest number of new team members since I have been part of NLSD. The funds of knowledge and experience they bring to our students, existing employees, and the entire NLSD community is remarkable. 

    This summer we continued with some upgrades to our buildings and grounds with a focus on teaching and learning and health and safety.  Our technology department received over 900 chromebooks and prepared them for distribution this fall.  Soon they will istall a new server center by early October. This will improve many of our internal file server operations and strengthen campus security. These upgrades are critically important knowing that virtual teaching and learning is something we all need to be prepared to do, whether it is caused by the pandemic or just a natural progression as part of our ongoing curriculum and program review and advancements.  Also as a response to the pandemic, we have installed water filling stations throughout the buildings, a health and sanitation measure that will be of continued benefit as we have phased out the use of most water fountains.  This October, a new playground will be installed at Peters Elementary School.  We are very excited to see our youngest learners play and build life-long friendships on the playground.  Other improvements we were hoping to have in place over the summer or to begin this fall will still occur, although delayed due to supply chain breakdowns.  For example, we are waiting for the delivery of two large tents.  One tent will be installed in the courtyard of the middle school and one will be installed between the rear of Slatington Elementary School and the playground.  These tents will allow for students and staff to spend more time outdoors for instructional activities and for meals.  Additionally, we are in the very early stages of planning for a kitchen renovation project at the middle school.  The current kitchen dates to 1959 which is the year the building opened as a high school.  The current equipment is failing and in need of significant upgrades or replacement.  These upgrades will result in more efficient meal production, improve ventilation, and make better use of space to allow for social distancing as well as food storage.  This is critical as the middle school will continue to serve as the hub for our year-round Grab-N-Go Meal program. 

    The NLSD 2021-2022 Health and Safety Plan can be accessed on the district website under the announcement section and is updated as necessary.  The COVID Tracker is located in the same section of the website and is updated at the end of each school day.  Please take some time to review this information and check back for updates.  If your child is not feeling well in the morning and has any of these symptoms, please err on the side of caution and keep them home and contact the school nurse and your family doctor for additional guidance. 

    I would like to thank all our faculty, support staff, administration, and the Board of School Directors for their support in planning what will be another unique, and at times challenging, school year. To our NLSD families and the community, thank you for your patience, input, and cooperation. We are certainly all in this together and will be better off because of that. To our students, we are excited to have you back in a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive setting.


    Matthew J. Link