Repair & Insurance Claims

  • If your Chromebook/Laptop needs repair, contact the Technology Department staff member in your building. You and the Technology Department staff member will complete the Insurance Claim Form together to determine the cause of damage to the device.

    If the damage to your Chromebook/Laptop is determined to be covered under warranty, there will be no deductible required for the Chromebook/Laptop repair. If the damage to the Chromebook/Laptop is not covered under warranty, the Insurance Claim form will be mailed home along with an invoice for the required deductible. The student will receive an on-campus loaner Chromebook/Laptop until the repair is completed and the invoice paid in full.

    Repair/Insurance Claim Procedures:

    These procedures will be followed for a repair/insurance claim:

    Students are responsible for reporting repair requests to the Technology Department staff member in their school building.

    When a student makes a repair request or insurance claim, these procedures will be followed:

    • The Technology Department staff member will record the following on the Insurance Claim Form before completing any work on the Chromebook/Laptop:

      • Student Name

      • Student Number

      • Date of Visit

      • Description of Issue/Repair

      • Determination if the repair is covered by warranty or if a deductible payment is required

    • Repairs: For all repairs, the Technology Department staff member will order the parts or arrange for repair.

    • Insurance Claims: For insurance claims, the Technology Department staff member will assess all damage, take photographs (if helpful), and ask the student to sign the insurance claim form confirming the accuracy of the damage assessment.

    • Uncollected insurance claim/deductible costs: Including the original notification via US mail, parents/guardians will receive a minimum of three (3) written notifications pertaining to any outstanding financial obligation. After the final notification, parents/guardians will receive a phone call from the school principal. After all these measures have been exhausted and the obligation is still not met or a plan for payment has not been agreed upon, the District will attempt to secure resolution through a hearing with the District Magistrate. In addition to the initial required deductible, parents/guardians will be responsible for collection costs plus the required deductible.