Expectations & Guidelines

  • Students are responsible for the appropriate use of Chromebook/Laptop computers both at school and at home. Chromebook/Laptop computers are for the use of students for educational purposes only.

    • Chromebook/Laptops are expected to be returned as received, except for normal wear and tear as determined by the District, at the conclusion of each year, or when requested by the Northern Lehigh School District.

    • School Board Policy 815: Acceptable Use of Internet and District Technology Resources, and Policy 708: Lending of School Owned Equipment and Books, apply to all students, regardless of location.

    • The assignment and use of a Chromebook/Laptop computer is considered to be a privilege. Inappropriate use or neglect of a Chromebook/Laptop computer, case, charger, the Internet and\or any installed software could result in the loss of Chromebook/Laptop privileges. Loss of privileges will not change classroom expectations and\or assignment completion.

    • The Chromebook/Laptop is owned by the Northern Lehigh School District and assigned to students, enrolled on a full-time basis. Students have no expectation of privacy as related to the Chromebook/Laptop, Internet, and\or installed software.

    • All commercial, illegal, unethical and inappropriate use of Chromebook/Laptop computers is expressly prohibited.

    • Violations will be subject to discipline as outlined in the student handbook and any other applicable district policy.

    General Chromebook/Laptop Guidelines

    • Chromebook/Laptop may never be left unattended. Students are responsible for the Chromebook/Laptop, charger, and case at all times.

    • School identification must remain on the Chromebook/Laptop, charger, and case.

    • Students may not use the Chromebook/Laptop on buses or in automobiles.

    • If the student is unable to carry and supervise his\her Chromebook/Laptop, it is to be locked in the student’s assigned locker.

    • Before closing the Chromebook/Laptop and zipping the case please make sure nothing is left lying on the keyboard such as pens/pencils, headphone/earbud jacks, etc. because they will damage the Chromebook/Laptop screen if closed upon.

    • Stickers are not allowed on Chromebook/Laptop carrying cases or on the Chromebook/Laptop itself.

    • Food and drink should not be used near the Chromebook/Laptop.

    Charging Guidelines

    • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their Chromebook/Laptop is fully charged upon arriving to school each day.

    • Students are not guaranteed that there will be a location or time during the day to charge his/her Chromebook/Laptop computer.

    • When not in use, wrap the charger cord carefully.

    Cleaning Guidelines

    • Students may take their Chromebook/Laptops to the Library for cleaning of the track pad and\or screen.

    • Do not spray cleaning solution directly on the Chromebook/Laptop. Spray it on a cleaning wipe to use on the Chromebook/Laptop.

    • Use only the cleaning solutions supplied by the Technology Department on your Chromebook/Laptop.