Keeping Your Chromebook/Laptop Clean

  • Cleaning Your Chromebook/Laptop Screen:

    When you feel like cleaning the Chromebook/Laptop screen, you have Four options:

    1. Use a lint-free cloth to dry-clean the screen. All Chromebook/Laptops use LCD monitors. These monitors are very fussy about liquids. A lint-free cloth gets the dust off and removes finger smudges. Remember to rub gently.

    2. Use a damp sponge to wipe the screen. Use only water to make the sponge damp. Wring out all the moisture from the sponge before you wipe the screen. Rub gently, lovingly. Then wipe it dry with a lint free cloth.

    3. Get an LCD monitor cleaning kit. By getting a cleaning kit, perhaps the best option, you receive a lint-free cloth and spray bottle of cleaning solution specifically for LCD screens. Spray the cleaning solution on the lint free cloth to just moisten it, do not make it sopping wet. Then take the moistened lint free cloth and gently rub the screen.

    4. Bring it to the Library during a Flex period and one of the Library personnel will clean it.

    Before you Clean Your Screen, remember to Turn off and unplug the Chromebook/Laptop. After the screen is clean, let it dry before you close the lid or use the Chromebook/Laptop again.

    • Never use alcohol or ammonia cleaners on an LCD screen. They can damage the LCD display so that the image becomes unreadable.

    Cleaning Your Chromebook/Laptop Keyboard:

    If your keyboard is not too dirty or dusty take a lint free cloth and gently wipe off the keyboard.

    To clean the Chromebook/Laptops keyboard, use a small, portable vacuum. Using the vacuum’s tiniest attachment, gently suck the hair, crumbs, and crud from between the Chromebook/Laptop’s keys.

    To clean the key caps, turn off the Chromebook/Laptop and then use a pencil eraser to rub off the crud and buildup. Afterward, use the vacuum again to clean out any eraser stubble between the keys.

    • Some people use canned compressed air to clean a keyboard. While the air may clear away the debris, it may also blow it deeper into the Chromebook/Laptop. After the gunk is inside, there’s no way to clean it out.

    Make sure that the Chromebook/Laptop is Turned OFF and unplugged if you decide to clean the keyboard.

    Your other option is to bring your Chromebook/Laptop to the Library during your Flex period and it will be cleaned by the computer technician.