SAP Info for Parents

  • Tips For Parents:

    • Be informed about issues that are affecting our kids today such as alcohol, drugs, suicide, depression, and violence.

    • Attend meetings, return calls/letters regarding your child, and schedule conferences with your child's teachers/counselor if you have concerns.

    • Be open and honest with the SAP team regarding concerns or fears. Give the team the opportunity to assist your child.

    • Understand confidentiality issues.

    • Don't enable. Enabling is when parents and adults unknowingly allow irresponsible or harmful behaviors to continue. Their intent is to help the child, but it only makes things worse. Some examples of enabling are giving the child one more chance after a rule was broken, lying or making excuses for them, ignoring behaviors, promising not to tell, making deals, or blaming others.

    • Follow through with recommendations for further services.

    Links For Parents:

    Student Assistance Professional Sites:

    Addictions, Drugs and Alcohol:

    Eating Disorders:

    Mental Health:

    Suicide & Depression: